What Makes Us Happy?

Happy Planet creates food that makes you smile. It has to taste great, do good and feel good – that’s Happy Planet. We believe that creating a happy planet starts by sharing – whether it’s a smile, a moment or a meal. That’s why we give over 100,000 nourishing servings of food to local food banks through our #thehappyeffect Project. We’ve not made all the planet happy yet, but it’s a good start!

So what’s new in the world of oatmilks? Well we’ve discovered that the US froths over coffee with 64% of people drinking coffee every day*. And we certainly know that in cafes and coffee shops the trend for plant-based milks is growing. That’s why we have created a Barista Edition of our oatmilk – we’ve developed this in close consultation with some top baristas to make sure that it performs the way they want.


  • Barista Oatmilk Foams like a dream – high performance microfoam perfect for latte artists
  • Easy to steam – stable at high temperatures, doesn’t split
  • Makes the most of the roast – neutral flavor complements the coffee doesn’t overwhelm it like some other plantbased milks ( like soy or coconut).
  • Perfect mouthfeel – Creamy, rich and buttery
  • Café or Home Use – so good it works perfectly with even the most basic home steamers/coffee

We also wanted to develop a single-serve oatmilk that ticks all the health boxes. Great for lunch or a snack on the go at any age! Also aimed at kids, encouraging them to make healthy choices we knew our oatmilk was a great option as it provided an allergen-free, school-safe beverage. Additionally it provided a great take-to-work drink for people wanting to up their protein, fibre and calcium intake in a easy delicious way.


  • Single Serve delicious creamy taste appealing to kids with 3 on-trend flavors – original, vanilla and chocolate.
  • Loaded with natural goodness these oatmilks have 2x the fiber and 50% more protein than some other oatmilks.
  • Our oatmilk chocolate has 45% less sugar than regular chocolate milk)**
  • School safe – allergen friendly – gluten, soy, nut and dairy free.

Our product development team are working on new innovations all the time to meet the need of this growing plantmilk category, so watch this space for more exciting developments.

(Blog Text Sourced from happyplanet.com)