Hollander Chocolate

Professional baristas are constantly on the hunt for ingredients to satisfy the ever-changing palate of their patrons and wow them into coming back again and again. This is often easier said than done. There are more flavor options and brewing techniques to choose from than ever before. But with all this great change, the task of keeping it fresh while maintaining superb quality can prove challenging. That’s where Hollander Chocolate steps in. With the creative spirit of the pioneering Dutch chocolatier masters and a tradition of innovation, Hollander has elevated classic cocoa recipes to work in harmony with fine espresso. Made in America for the modern café and barista, Hollander Chocolate provides a premium collection of fine café sauces and powders.

The familiar formats of liquid sauce and rich blended cocoas, Hollander Chocolate takes sweet and creamy to a whole new level. Dark and white chocolate sauce as well as buttery caramel seamlessly enhance your menu selection making it impressively easy to upgrade your mochas and macchiatos without missing a beat. A fine assortment of frappe powders for year-round enjoyment keep your flavor profiles consistent through every season. Request your free sample today and experience the taste only Hollander Chocolate can deliver.