Rishi, Masala Chai Tea Concentrate

A full-bodied black tea blended with classic Indian spices, expertly sourced by Rishi’s herb tasters from the highest quality culinary spice grades. Rishi’s Masala Chai is very traditional, highlighting cardamom and ginger, with undertones of cracked pepper, clove and sweet cinnamon. The black tea base is a gutsy, deep and malty tea, specially made for Rishi from the heirloom trees in Yunnan’s ancient tea forest, and not found in any other chai. It is slow-brewed in micro-batches for over 30 hours, then sweetened with dried cane sugar, blackstrap molasses and pure vanilla extract, resulting in an ultra-authentic product.

Rishi Tea is a leading importer of certified organic teas and botanicals from the most unique, remote growing regions across the world. As a direct trade importer, Rishi Teas buyers and artisanal blenders are creating blends that are inspired by equal parts modern culinary tradition and ancient herbal wisdom. Discover new teas and join Rishi in leaving No Leaf Unturned™ in pursuit of the most wondrous and colorful tea experience.