Introduction to Elmhurst, Plant Based Milks

In 2016, Henry Schwartz closed New York City’s last dairy. Elmhurst had been in his family over 90 years, since his father and uncle hand-bottled and delivered milk to Queens and Brooklyn in a truck full of ice blocks. The cows had long since gone, yet a famous tradition had ended. Until, the next year, Elmhurst reappeared. As a plant milk company. What changed this staunch dairyman’s mind? Henry was concerned. Milk consumption had been declining since the 1970s, while plant-based alternatives grew. First it was soy, then almond. Whatever the source, the milk landscape was shifting, and not about to stop. In the middle of these doubts, Henry had a chance meeting with a famous food technologist, Dr. Cheryl Mitchell. After many years of development, she was finally ready to unleash HydroRelease™, a unique method primed to revolutionize plant-based nutrition. Using just water, HydroRelease™ separates the components of a nut, grain, or seed, before reassembling them as a creamy, beverage-ready emulsion. The original ingredient’s nutrition is maintained, and no gums or emulsifiers are needed to hold the product together.

The converted dairyman and tireless inventor partnered to bring this technology to market. A line of clean-label nut milks debuted at Natural Products Expo West in 2017 under the familiar yet new name, Elmhurst Milked™. Since then they have added unsweetened, whole grain, and even peanut-based products – with so many more possibilities to explore. Almost a century later, Elmhurst still keeps the spirit of the delivery truck weaving through the New York streets. For all of their forward vision, Henry and Dr. Cheryl have simplified the world. They’ve made it possible to cut off the things that don’t really matter, so as to better enjoy the things that do. (Text Source:

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