Seattle’s Favorite Bakery

Northwest Coffee Supply and Seattle’s Favorite have partnered together for many years to deliver convenient and delicious baked goods to the local area. Whether you’re buying for the neighborhood coffee house, full-service hotel, independent catering company or grocery, Seattle’s Favorite’s product line is diverse enough to meet all of your needs and the needs of your customers. Founded in 1995 by Bob and Robin Peterson, Seattle’s Favorite has grown from delivering to four local convenience stores to a well-known company with customers all over the United States. Vowing to create the ultimate gourmet cookie, Seattle’s Favorite quickly became known for the best cookies, muffin tops, dessert bars, and baked treats around. Refusing to skimp on the ingredients, the company is committed to using only the highest premium quality available.

Simple yet fundamental production practices make Seattle’s Favorite the number one go to bakery in the industry. For example, all items are individually wrapped for safe and easy presentation. Every product in their catalog is freezer safe and has been engineered to thaw without becoming soggy or dry. These, along with high quality ingredients, perfect size proportions, and extensive selection contribute to the success of Seattle’s Favorite. Crafted with the drive through coffee stand in-mind, Seattle’s Favorites offers additional support services such as free outdoor/indoor customized menu options. When looking for consistent, easy to store, fresh baked goods, Seattle’s Favorite has today’s coffee shop covered.

The learn more about what Seattle’s Favorite has to offer, visit out catalog to view their extensive selection.