Introducing The First Sip of Chai

Our inspiration for The First Sip of Chai derives from a feeling that we all experience on a daily basis. The moment you take the first sip and the drink turns to magic. The first sip that clears your mind of the chaos of the day and provides inspiration and motivation to tackle anything! It is something to look forward too and savor. Chai, the very heart and soul of India, is a drink enjoyed by every socioeconomic class, gender, and creed. It is the tea that brings loved ones together, urges strangers to be friends, and starts and ends every day. Putting out new products for the world to experience is never something we take lightly. It is a very important process – finding the flavors we love, the ingredients we appreciate, and the quality standards we strive for. When creating this line, we wanted to incorporate all of these special traits, and give our customers a sense of pride in their drink. To us it is more than a beverage. It is the essence of everything we believe in as a company. It is the celebration of slowing down, taking time for yourself and for others, and for genuinely enjoying something special in your life. When we say that we seek to brew good chai, perpetuate good vibes, and share an experience of authenticity from the first sip down to the last drop – we mean it. First Sip of Chai is a local brand bottled in beautiful Bellingham, WA.

Contributed by The First Sip of Chai