Introducing One Stripe Chai

One Stripe Chai is crafted in small batches in the heart of Southeast Portland. Each concentrate is hand bottled to ensure the highest quality result straight to your favorite mug. Brewed with organic black tea sourced from Assam India, each incredible chai recipe delivers an unparalleled authentic chai tea experience. If you’re searching for an incredible way to distinguish your business, make One Stripe Chai part of your menu today and keep your customers coming back for more. Choose from two amazing options, Original and Unsweetened. Each recipe is available in 64, 32, and 16oz pack sizes providing daily food service and retail solutions.  One Stripe Chai Co. expertly crafts each of their authentic chai concentrates  from ultra fresh and natural ingredients delivering a truly outstanding chai tea experience. Add One Stripe Chai to your menu today and distinguish your operation in today’s busy coffee market.