Parachutes Brazilian Cheese Bread

High-flying food starts from the ground up. That’s why the creators of Parachutes only select foods from family-owned farms in Brazil. For more than 30 years, they’ve crafted the perfect recipes for a delicious, rich, and cheesy experience using 100% Brazilian Artisan Cheese. Parachutes are an invitation to jump into life and savor the moment together. Delivering wholesome, gluten-free snacks made with simple foods carefully crafted for the perfect beverage pairing treat. Available in traditional cheese rolls and “Skydivers” cheese sticks. We’re ready to bake! Straight from Brazil to your oven. Bring to parties, eat with meals, or pack as a snack for your next day-hike. Available in the Original Brazilian Cheese Rolls and the exclusive Lactose and Lactase Free option. Dip Skydivers into cheese or marinara sauces. Same great Brazilian Cheese packed into a delicious stick perfect dipping and pairing with you favorite condiment. Pack with meats, extra cheeses, jellies, and jams.