Nuflours, a New Kind of Gluten Free Bakery

Nuflours began as an idea; the idea that everyone deserves a treat. My journey with food began on a farm, growing up with delicious wholesome food and homemade baked bread. When I went gluten free in 2007 for health reasons, I was devastated. I felt that I was losing myself; the way I ate, the way I cooked, the way I connected to people. Hunger and creativity took over, and I began experimenting, baking cakes and pastries that were comfort classics with a gluten free twist; fudgy brownies, cardamom zucchini muffins, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I opened Nuflours first as a farmer’s market stand. With the incredible response from our customers we opened our retail shop in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. We continue to serve the neighborhood with our café, offering a safe space for people to come, enjoy, and connect over delicious gluten free food. We are now found throughout the Puget Sound region and continue to expand. As we continue to grow our wholesale and online operations, I am thrilled every time I see a Nuflours cookie or cake in a new grocery, or on a new cafe or restaurant menu. One of the greatest rewards of serving our gluten free community is knowing that we are creating fun experiences and beautiful memories. Nuflours is growing in ways I couldn’t have fathomed when I began. One constant has remained; I believe everyone deserves a sweet treat, no matter your dietary challenges. Pastries are breakfast; they start your day, they sustain you. Cookies bring joy, a delightful midafternoon pause. Cakes are about celebrating, about community coming together. Let us help you celebrate.

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