Introducing Greater Goods Hemp CBD

We are Defiantly Optimistic, approaching everything we do and make with fortitude and reliance upon a slightly rebellious ethos to bring really awesome things to the world. We use organic ingredients wherever possible, and local providers whenever we can. We also craft everything personally in our Portland facility, with attention to flavor, quality and total transparency. We also integrate uplifting design, color and joy into every product we make, so you can experience these micro-moments of happiness whenever you need them. We are Carrie Solomon and Jody Ake, the wife-and-husband duo behind Greater Goods. We’re not new to the alternative wellness world; in 2014 we started a medical cannabis company in Oregon to bring amazing edibles and therapeutic topicals to the state. From the very start, it was important to us to make things that taste wonderful and are also effective, aligned with the types of goods that we ourselves would want to consume. In 2019, alongside our thriving cannabis business in the recreationally legal market, we decided that our creations could benefit a wider audience of consumers outside of our fine state, and we launched Greater Goods to provide superbly high quality products that are conscientiously crafted and joyous at the same time, for anyone. Food and CBD enthusiasts, we always seek out ingredients that are organic and delicious, including fine chocolate, locally and responsibly sourced inclusions to add fun flavor profiles to our products, organic, non-GMO base oils for our tinctures, as well as Oregon sun grown hemp oil. Our commitment to sourcing ingredients mindfully stems from a desire to support our local economy, but also to support businesses who are inclusive, fair, have high quality standards, and align with our general philosophy. For this reason, we work with Oregon companies to process our oil who work with local, Southern Oregon organic farmers to supply hemp flower. We now also source all of our chocolate from Ranger Chocolate, a local, bean-to-bar maker of organic, non-GMO, fair trade chocolate. Our inclusions and special collaborative partnerships are also based in conscientious sourcing and relationship building, focusing on brands that uplift their local communities and bring an ethos of kindness and quality to the collective table. Our personal histories have also informed our foray into the hemp CBD world. Jody has lived with chronic pain for over 30 years, and Carrie has a history of generalized anxiety disorder from the age of fourteen. We are both daily consumers of our own products, and are happy to share our stories, or dosage methods and our discoveries. We love to talk about food, about CBD, and about life in general.

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