Myracle Kitchen Brings us Plant Based Barista Mylk

We are Myracle Kitchen® and we make food & drink myracles for everyone: organic, sustainable, healthy, plant-based alternatives that taste mind-blowingly good. Created alongside world-renowned coffee expert James Hoffmann. It’s the only plant based alternative that tastes and works like dairy milk.

Why the Y? Because there’s always an alternative. Myracle Kitchen was created as a result of dreaming big and asking “why”…

Y an’t plant based alternatives be as good as the real thing?
Y should eating more healthily and sustainably mean compromise?
Y can’t businesses do better for the world and the people in it?
…Y not? We believe all this and more is possible.

We believe that you can be good to the environment and yourself, without compromising on the things you love, like a delicious latte that actually tastes like a latte. That’s why our food and drink myracles will always be free from dairy, cane sugar, soy, gums, carrageenan and thickeners. What we make is not the plain and the ordinary. Myracle Kitchen® – Believe. We dream of a healthier way. We believe in better for mother earth and everyone who lives with her. That’s why we promise that everything we make is, and will always be USDA-certified Organic, Non-GMO and Vegan Certified.

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