Who We Serve


Northwest Coffee Supply services a wide range of business types and clientele. From independent espresso operations to large national grocery chains, we offer the supplies and services for every size of specialty coffee  business.  We currently service many major northwest companies with multiple locations and supply requirements.

Coffee Shops: We know that independent coffee shops need the right balance between budget sensitivity and unique products to succeed. Which is why we strive to provide the most comprehensive selection of distinct products at the most competitive price.

Restaurants and Institutions: Whether you are an independent restaurant, large national chain, or organisation with large demanding clientele, we can help simplify your operation through our straight forward supply chain support.

Grocery and Retail: Our company delivers products and supplies to some of the nations largest grocery and specialty retail establishments. We understand both the challenges and needs of today’s extremely competitive grocery industry.

Churches and Non-Profits: Most religious establishments rely on volunteer staff and tight budget requirements to run a successful food-service operation. We understand the need for easy order tracking and accounting clarity so vital when running a non-profit specialty coffee service.

Office and Break Room: While we are not a standard coffee vending service company, we do specialize in providing medium size to large offices with healthy snacks and beverages to keep staff energized and productive.