Hidden River Coffee Roasters

We are two families who joined together to make the dream of Hidden River Roasters a reality. Brandon first dreamed of starting a premiere coffee roastery in 2015 after his wife gave him his first home coffee roaster for Christmas.  In 2016 after becoming obseessed with roasting coffee at home, the passion for drawing out the delicious flavors held within coffee beans could no longer be contained.  Brandon decided to start a small side business selling craft roasted specialty grade coffee beans. He purchased a professional grade roaster and built a roast shack in his backyard. One day, Brandon shared his coffee beans with his friends, Dave and Holly Metzner.  The Metzner’s were coffee lovers who had long been searching for the best beans, but felt disappointed because they couldn’t find what they wanted. When they tasted Brandon’s coffee, they loved it so much that Dave off handedly said, “if you ever want to open a coffee shop, we’re in.”

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