SAKU began as a six foot tea bar in our friend Chelsea’s gallery. All we had was burning enthusiasm, a small selection of world class teas and a few tea lattes. Our traditional golden milk made with pure, organic spices and local honey quickly became the most popular drink. People started asking to take it home, so we spent the next year balancing flavors and sourcing the purest ingredients for a total of six Saku. Our goal has always been to spread health and happiness with our delicious blends. SAKU™ was born out of our love for the art of living slowly, joyously and beautifully. A SAKU latte is a chance to enjoy uninterrupted time with each other, enter into your personal inner world or to engage in creative work. By honoring ancient traditional wisdom while embracing the modern world, we bring you a truly whole and unique beverage which is honest, organic, phenomenally healthy and absolutely delicious.

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