The Jasmine Pearl Tea Co,

Since 2004, The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company has been a Portland-based family-owned tea importing, blending, and wholesale company. Like many other small businesses, they had very humble beginnings. Chuck and Heather, the owners of The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company, started their business out of their home and it quickly overtook the majority of their house… right down to their Organic Certified basement where they hand blended the teas. Now, The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company has offices, a small retail space, warehouse and production all under one roof in Portland Oregon. Their specialty is making loose leaf tea fast, consistent, and most of all delicious in a fast paced restaurant environment. They work very hard to offer high-quality, delicious single-origin teas, blends, and herbal tisanes. As always, The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company is a USDA certified Organic company.