Cafe Style, Black and White Latte Cups with Saucers, 8oz, Case of 6

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There are numerous reasons you are going to love these 8oz. latte cups and saucers. They are made from the highest quality porcelain, more dense and durable then traditional ceramic and stoneware. These latte cups and saucers can handle anything your kitchen staff can dish out! The exterior of this latte cup is a high-gloss black, the interior, a creamy white. These latte cups and saucers are designed to meet our exact specifications and serving sizes, ideal for barista competitor serving sizes, like-minded cafes and espresso bars. The quality of these latte cups will blow you away!

  • On average, this cup holds 8 volumetric oz. (252 ml) when filled to the brim
  • This cup is designed for a 7 to 8 oz beverage
  • Height: 2.62″ / 66.56 mm
  • Diameter: 4.22″ / 107.18 mm
  • This product meets the standards for the WBrC (World Brewers Cup) and WLAC (World Latte Art Championship)
  • Microwave Safe
Sale Product ID: 54572