Cafe Style, Grey and White Diner Mug

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This is probably the heaviest mug you’ve ever seen. In fact, they weigh a substantial 17oz empty! This diner coffee mug is a high quality porcelain mug that has been manufactured to our exact specifications by one of the best porcelain manufacturers in the world. These porcelain diner mugs are Microwave Safe The finish on these diner mugs is amazing and surpasses anything we ever imported from Europe. The quality of these diner mugs won’t disappoint. Great for commercial or home use.

  • On average, these mugs hold 10 volumetric oz (305ml) when filled to the brim (3-5% variance can be expected)
  • This mug is designed for an 8 to 10 oz beverage
  • These porcelain diner mugs are Microwave Safe
Product ID: 54716