Blue Air, Single Door Sandwich Prep Table, 28inches

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STAINLESS STEEL INTERIOR, EXTERIOR. The excellent quality of stainless steel help minimizes dents, scratches, and rust. It also maximizes the tensile and bright smooth sheen. In addition our stainless steel offers long-life durability and easy maintenance. 6-INCH DIAMETER SWIVEL CASTERS WITH BRAKES FOR THE FRONT. RECESSED DOOR HANDLE. SELF-CLOSING DOOR. OVERSIZED REFRIGERATION STRUCTURE. The compressor is bigger than most competitive units and is balanced with a larger evaporator coil. The compressor motor leads to a longer life without having to be replaced. The unit keeps the right temperature to maintain food freshness. STAINLESS STEEL ROLL-BACK COVER IS FOAM INSULATED SELF CONTAINED SYSTEM. Simple installation with no plumbing. Comes whit a 9 foot long cord efficiency. CFC-FREE FOAMED-IN-PLACE POLYURETHANE WITH HIGH DENSITY. With the extra density and high-capacity cells, There is more energy efficiency.
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