Iggy’s, Kombucha, Assam Jun, 12oz

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Fragile Keep Cold Local Only Seasonal

SEASONAL: January – March

Single-estate TGFOP Assam, complemented by Aged Jun and wildflower honey. Classic malty Assam aroma with a delicate apricot note, balanced acidity and a long finish of soft tannins; off-dry, lightly effervescent. A refreshing fermented tea for any time of day. Pair with baked goods, cheese, nuts, curries. We wanted to showcase the beautiful properties of our Jun along with a
single variety of tea; a single harvest that would offer subtle variation from year to year. Thus our “Black Label” line was were born! We are proud to introduce the second of this series with our new Assam Jun Seasonal Honeybrew. We selected a single estate Assam from Chota Tingrai; this superior grade tea brings classic malty Assam and tannin structure to the wildflower honey and fruit aromas of our aged Jun. Our Black Label Honeybrews have the fewest ingredients of all our brews, yet they offer a wide range of delightful subtle aromas and flavors revealing the essence of these superior teas.


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