Oatly, Peach Oatgurt, 5.3oz

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Keep Cold

Picture yourself taking a breezy summer stroll through a peach orchard. You spot a nice one, pull it from its branch and take a juicy bite. Now picture yourself in an oat field…never mind, that’s probably enough mood-setting for a product webpage. So, we think you’ll find that real peaches and Oatgurt are a fantastic pairing for any fruit-on-the-bottom experience. To be more specific, the subtle sweetness of this peach jam has been curated to complement the balanced acidity of the Oatgurt in every bite—whether that involves digging straight down for a layered mix of Oatgurt and peach, or going all-in on the Oatgurt as your first course while saving the jam for dessert, or a more haphazard approach that surprises your mouth with a unique ratio every time. Yes, freedom is a wonderful thing.

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