Oatly, Plain Oatgurt, 5.3oz

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Keep Cold

You are probably here to find out important things like what Oatgurt tastes like or what it even is, so we’ll skip the hilarious jokes about how weird the word Oatgurt sounds. But just so you know, they were really funny. Anyway, this totally vegan, plant-based product is pretty much like what you’d expect a good full-fat yogurt to be, only this one is…wait for it…made from oats. It is thicker than European-style yogurt but not quite as thick as Greek-style, with a rounded, balanced acidity as opposed to a sharp tang. This Oatgurt is so nicely mild that we can let it stand on its own, without using flavorings to cover up remnant flavors like some other plant-based yogurts do. It comes in a single-serve cup that facilitates effortless enjoyment whenever. And after you scoop the last bite, you can let the recyclable cup free-fall right into the plastic bin without having to fit any label-removal craft projects into your schedule.

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