SOMA Kombucha, Delight, 16oz

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Fragile Keep Cold

SOMA Jun is a different group of probiotics that ferment organic green tea and organic raw, local wildflower honey from happy bees. People report that though it’s still energizing, Jun makes them feel a more stable sense of well-being and contentment. In fact, many SOMA drinkers call Jun their “Happy Juice”.

Ingredients: Organic Green and Black Tea Cold-Brewed in Pure Volcanic Glacier Water, Organic Pomegranate Juice, Raw Organic Oregon Wildflower Honey (ethically harvested, needed for fermentation), Organic Evap. Cane Juice (needed for fermentation), Organic Amla (Wild Indian Gooseberry), Organic Rosewater, Organic Cardamom Seed, Live Probiotic Jun and Kombucha Cultures

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