Become a New Supplier

Thank you for your interest in working with us. We are always very open and excited to try new products which might be a great fit for our clients. We keep things simple and straight forward both for our customers and supplier partners. The following outlines a few basic items we request to start the process.

What We Need

  1. Product Information, Sales Sheets or Descriptions
  2. Samples for our decision sales team to try
  3. A phone call or in-person meeting is always welcome to make a personal connection
  4. Complete Pricing Structures (Cost, Wholesale, MSRP)

What We Provide

  1. Full catalog listing making your line available to our 2000+ customers
  2. FREE Five Stage Marketing Campaign
  3. Quarterly Print Promotion Opportunity – Request current Supplier Partner Kit
  4. Direct distribution throughout western WA and northern OR
  5. National distribution through common carrier services
  6. Close partnership to grow and expand
  7. New friends!


  • Phone: 253-293-1300 (ext.4)
  • Email:

Send Samples

  • Address: 2750 Williamson Pl. Suite 156, DuPont, WA, 98327
  • Attn: Vendor Manager